Ten signs you've become a millennial adult

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018, 8:50AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Well, you've finally finished your schooling and have entered the wonderful world of the workplace, which according to pop culture, means the best days of your life are behind you! 

Like most millennials, you've probably been clinging to the "young, fun and carefree" spirit you've always had, and pushing out any serious thoughts about bills, cleaning and your impending inevitable death.


Here's the thing; We all have responsibilities, and here are 10 signs that those responsibilities have made you into a fully fledged millennial adult.

1. You care about what you put in your body 

When it comes to food (and men), you know what to avoid. Health has become more important to you, and although it might come at an extra cost, you know it's worth it because if your physical health is in check, then you can focus more on your mental health. 

2. You have a budget 

You may not always stick to it, but hey, you have one, and that makes you an adult.

3. You know when to treat yourself

As an adult, you have the privilege, no, the right to treat yourself from time to time. Yes, this may be the occasional splurge on avocado toast or a Kmart shopping spree, but you deserve it! Not to mention, no one (not even adults) can go through their paycheck without a little treat right? No seriously tell me because it cant just be my lack of self-control...oh look a sale! 

4. You're conscious of your 'screen time'

If you have a very screen based job, you will no doubt no how guilty you feel when you take a break from your screen to check social on your smaller screen, or even how much you double screen! It's a bad habit that all of us have partaken in. Being an adult of the millennial generation, you will be highly aware of this and do your best to avoid unnecessary screen time. 

5.  You treat your parents

If you no longer live with your parents, then you'll appreciate them a WHOLE lot more - mainly because being an adult is hard. If you're a millennial adult who doesn't see their folks that often, you've probably had the old' " I'll pay" argument, even going as far to sneakily pay before they realise. 

6. You're pretty chill

In this current climate, this one may be a shocker to some people. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to be mad about, but you're in that time of your life where you've come to accept things out of your control. This takes A LOT of maturity to achieve, but the less mad you get about little things that don't matter, the happier and more adult you are. 

7. You listen to inspirational/educational podcasts

As a millennial, you're pretty woke when it comes to mental health and broadening your knowledge - and what better way to do that than to pop in some headphones and take your mind on a journey through the magic of audio.

8. You'll take a dinner party over a night at 'da clubz'

Dinner party, cheese and wine, whatever you can get. Having an intimate night with the girls (or bonus adult points for a couples night) is a sure fire sign that you've become more mature. Who said you can't get lit from the comfort of your own home with a selection of cheese and crackers? If you do hit 'da clubz', your favourite part of the night is getting food on the way home.

9. You prefer buying things for your home than yourself

Granted most of it is from Kmart, but you realise the importance of having a beautiful space you can feel comfortable in. Throw in a couple of peace-lilies and you've got yourself a full-on millennial safe haven, thats oh-so adult.

10. You don't mind having no plans

No plans, no problems. You've had your fair share of plans falling through or nights out where you wish you stayed home. Sure, you need human contact every now and again who arent your work or flat mates, but you're well aware that personal time is great every now and again.