Taylor Swift has made it to Forbes' World Billionaires list

Publish Date
Wednesday, 3 April 2024, 11:12AM

Miss Americana hit the billion-dollar jackpot solely from slaying the music game!ย 

Taylor is officially the first person to hit billionaire status from her music and performances ALONE.

Swiftie's 'Eras' tour is STILL smashing records worldwide. And honestly, she can have all my money x

Forbes said "Her estimated $190 million post-tax earnings from her historic Eras Tour helped boost the country-and-pop musician into the three-comma clubโ€”the first person to do it based solely on songwriting and performing."


Hehe some of that cash came from Ross Boss' Credit card coz we sent 50+ of you to The Eras Tour in Australia A RESERVE ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Also joining the list is Sam Altman, the brainiac behind everyone's fav tab open on their work laptop, AI chatbot ChatGPT.

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At the tippity-top of the Forbes mountain sits Bernard Arnault and his crew, dripping in luxury with a jaw-dropping $233 billion.

Jeff Bezos, the big boss of Amazon, isn't too far behind, stacking up his cash at $197.9 billion. And you can't forget about Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta maestro, holding it down in fourth place with a cool $172.1 billion. I'm still not over what Justin Timberlake did in The Social Network tbh.ย 

Forbes is calling it the ultimate flex for the ultra-rich, with a mind-blowing 2,781 billionaires stepping into the spotlight. That's 141 more than last year, fam! And their combined wealth? Brace yourselvesโ€”$14.2 trillion

Play ZM and long live <3ย 


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