Take a look inside Taika Waititi's star-studded 46th birthday bash

Publish Date
Friday, 20 August 2021, 4:27PM

Happy Birthday, Taika! Now let us see the party antics.

New Zealand's King of Hollywood turned 46 on Monday, and what happens when you turn 46? You throw a massive celebrity bash with a mariachi band! That's what!

Luckily for us, girlfriend and pop-star Rita Ora was on hand with a camera to snap some of the best bits from the party which had plenty of Hollywood A-listers in attendance. 


Charli XCX, Ashley Benson, Rami Malek and Kristen Stweart were all in attendance to help Waititi ring in another year.

And it seems the party planner took a trip to Looksharp, and even had the iconic balloons which spelled out the birthday boy's name!

Check out the snaps from the birthday bash above, and make sure you go and check Taika out his latest film 'Free Guy' too! Spoiler alert: He nails it as per. 

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