Subtle skills that translate into being good in bed

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Saturday, 18 November 2017, 12:59PM
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'Have you ever had a crazy crush on someone and it seems that they are perfect in every way, that is until they pet an animal in a strange way?

It may just seem like a slight mistake but your instincts and your feelings are now conflicted and you're unbelievably confused.

You should really listen to your instincts here, because apparently not having a good connection with animals is a hint of future bedroom boredom.

A question was posted to the insightful folk of Reddit asking '"What talent outside the bedroom is a sure sign of talent inside the bedroom?'

And here are a few interesting answers:

"Eating a peach and not getting any peach juice on your hands."


"I dated a trombone player one time.


10/10 highly recommend."


"Getting all of the yoghurt out of the pot without a spoon."


"When they lick an envelope and the envelope moans."


"Good health.

Good sex is exhausting. Especially if you want to for round 2,3,4...

Not saying you have to be a college athlete to have great sex, that's far from the truth.

But being in decent shape helps a lot."


"Playing any musical instrument.


Hardcore finger skills.


Hardcore tongue skills.


They stroke wood all day anyway."


"A good saxophone player knows how to use their hands and mouth to make great music."



I know it happens in a bedroom too, but if I'm kissing someone at a bar and we do that well together, then I know sexy time will be fun. If the kisses don't go well, then I have serious doubts about their bedroom abilities."


"Massage. I can't believe no one has pointed this out."


"Knowing how to pet a cat.

It shows that you can (a) respond to another living creature, (b) can be patient, and (c) usually have some nice finger twiddling down pat."


"Their skill at dolphin/fly kicks while swimming."