Stylist Law Roach reveals the fashion brands that said no to Zendaya

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Thursday, 16 May 2024, 9:26AM
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Photo / Getty Images

Zendaya's stylist Law Roach spilled some tea and revealed which luxury labels refused to dress Zendaya.

Actual shook that its label's and not just one label 😵‍💫

Zendaya is very much in the spotlight this year, with the release of Dune and Challengers, as well as co-hosting the Met Gala.

Her stylist Law Roach made headlines with the revelation that some of the fashion industry’s biggest brands refused to dress that star, and that it has influenced who he and Zendaya work with now, and who they don’t.

Law Roach told The Cutting Room Floor podcast host Recho Omondi about approaching brands early in Zendaya’s career.

“I would write Saint Laurent, Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, Dior, and they would all say, ‘No’,” he explained, reasoning that she was too “green”.


Law Roach said Zendaya still hasn’t worn the “big five” brands – Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Saint Laurent and Valentino – in public or in red-carpet appearances (although Variety reports they have been worn in editorial shoots). “She still has never worn Dior on a carpet,” he said. “She still has never worn Chanel on a carpet.”

One luxury house earned a change of tune. “When I said, ‘If you say no, it’ll be a no forever,’ that rang true for a long, long time.” Zendaya landed a contract with Valentino in 2020.

Zendaya has brand relationships with Bulgari and Louis Vuitton, while Spanish brand Loewe has been a regular feature in her tennis-themed wardrobe for her Challengers press tour. 

And there’s a constellation of designers she does wear in public: Prada, Thierry Mugler, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Erdem, Ralph Lauren.

Earlier this year Zendaya became the first star to cover both US Vogue and UK Vogue at the same time.

Zendaya is Law Roach’s main client, after the super-stylist stepped back from dressing celebrities in March. “The politics, the lies, and false narratives finally got me!” he posted in a shock Instagram post. “You win – I’m out.”

These days Zendaya is his focus, and he says he’s “the most unretired retired person”. And as her career surges, the work required for promotion of films like Dune and Challengers is keeping Law Roach a busy bee.

The pair have been working together since she was 14, and she has been outspoken in the past about how she’s been treated by the media.

“Nobody wanted to dress her when she wasn’t known, so I would put her in things that other people had already worn,” Law told The Guardian, his tactic was a stroke of genius to get Zendaya in the iconic 2000s blogs and magazines ‘who wore it better’ columns. 

Now she’s wearing rare archival fashion and couture – for the Met Gala Zendaya wore bespoke Maison Margiela Artisanal and vintage Givenchy. Pop off 🙌🙌

This article was first published by NZ Herald and republished here with edits and permission.


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