Stranger Things fans are loosing it after unexpected season 2 trailer airs during Superbowl

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017, 2:36PM
Photo / Youtube

Photo / Youtube

Yesterday not only surprised Patriots fans when their team came back from a 25 point deficit, but fans of the popular Netflix show, 'Stranger Things' were treated to a season two teaser trailer.

 Even though the video isn't even one minute long, it has stirred up the internet in a fashion that only amazing TV show trailers can.

 In true Stranger Things fashion, the trailer opens with an '80s themed ad for Eggos (Eleven's favourite) and slowly gets scarier as it goes on.

 The bitter sweet news is that it's returning to our screen Halloween 2017.

 Check it out for yourself here:


 Fans were left in awe after seeing the wonders that were coming to our screens in season two.



 We can definitely agree with Bella there, Halloween can't come soon enough!