SPOILERS - Two Married At First Sight stars caught in cheating scandal

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017, 9:58AM
Photo / Twitter

Photo / Twitter


The concept of getting married to someone the first time you see them can be very intimidating, but neither doing a runner or cheating on your new partner seems like a polite thing to do.

This reality TV show has proven that politeness is the last thing on contestants minds as both of these things have happened in the highly anticipated fourth season of the show.

After Lauren became a runaway bride, and left hubby Andrew high and dry, Channel Nine Australia have confirmed rumors of a cheating scandal going down between contestants.

The scandal involves Cheryl the hairdresser catching her husband, Jonathan the entrepreneur (who were the first two to walk down the aisle together) hitting and giving his number to other women.

To get back at Jonathan, Cheryl apparently uses the old revenge hook-up technique and sets her sights on the newly abandoned Andrew.

Keep in mind these are all rumors as the Channel Nine spokesperson labelled the drama "speculative".