Sorry, what is Dua Lipa eating?!

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Tuesday, 9 January 2024, 8:23AM

Dua clearly loves a remix... and not only when it comes to her music.🤔

Dua Lipa has revealed in an interview that she hates both chocolate ice cream and Italian gelato before revealing: "I get vanilla ice cream and I put olive oil on it, and sea salt.’

WHAT? She loves to have Vanilla Ice Cream and mix it with Olive Oil and Salt?! 😱

People have been shocked, intrigued and eager to try the wacky food combination and it seems to actually be a hit… 

Hehe Dua clearly enjoys a good lick 😝

She’s well on her way to making the weird combo a cult staple, saying: "So many people I’ve shown it to, I’ve brought to the dark side."

Check out a fan trying the combo!🫣

@jedaiixander #stitch with @Dua Lipa Fanpage @Dua Lipa KNOWS WHATS UP 🤌 🤤 🍦 this is fire 🔥 #dualipa #icecream #dualipafans #dualipafan #vanillaicecream #dessert ♬ original sound - JedaiiXander

Maybe Salted Olive Oil and Vanilla Ice Cream will be the flavour of the season.🍦

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