So here's why ready salted chips are called READY salted!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 4 July 2017, 8:51AM

Today for Vaughan's Fact of The Day, he managed to give us a really stellar fact. 

Have you ever questioned why ready salted chips are called 'ready salted' instead of just 'salted'? Yeah, neither but now that it's been brought up, we HAVE to know why.   

It turns out that it all came about thanks to a marketing campaign from a new chip company back in the day!

You see, potato chips used to come un-salted and you had to find the pinch of salt in a twist of paper in the chip bag, fish it out and sprinkle the contents over the chips yourself.

Smith's Crisps were the leading brand who did this, but then a new brand, Walker's, came along and made their main selling point that they were 'ready salted' and you didn't have to fiddle with the blue bag anymore. 

So there you have it: Fact of the daaaaay, day, day, day.