Snapchat Has Made Some Changes

Publish Date
Monday, 6 July 2015, 6:54AM

Snapchat has announced some major changes over the last few days.

You may have noticed that you no longer need to hold down your finger to view snaps - just a touch will do! 

This change in particular is a big one seeing as that feature has always been a part of the app. But we like it. No more missing the snap and fumbling with screen shot! 

Snapchat have also announced the introduction of 'animated selfies' - a series of selfie shots that play one after the other which creates an 'animated' effect. You can take these by tapping the ghost at the top of the camera and the app will snap five quick pictures. This can be used to create GIF-like creations on the app.

And following in the footsteps of Tinder - the "Add Nearby" feature allows you to add friends on Snapchat based on who is nearby at the time...

Remember you will need to update your Snapchat app to see the changes!