Siri just unknowingly ruined every chance this girl had with her crush

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Saturday, 20 January 2018, 2:28PM
Photo / Twitter

Photo / Twitter

It's the voice assistant that has taken years of development and design to be only used 90% of the time to beat box and find the closest maccas, but it looks like she's getting too smart for her own good.

When Ceci was sitting at home wondering if her crush would ever actually text her, she thought that she'd use Siri as a psychic - this is not recommended by anyone.

She asked the assistant if her crush would ever actually text her, but instead of predicting the future Siri sent a text to said boy asking if he'd "ever text her."

Even though Siri gets you to confirm the text that is going to be sent, in the panic of it all she  accidentally hit send and all hell broke loose. 

The response that came after the horrific text was simply: "haha".

Some things never change...