Selena Gomez's 'Bad Liar' music video looks straight out of a Netflix drama

Publish Date
Thursday, 15 June 2017, 9:09AM

Selena Gomez's 'Bad Liar' is rumored to be about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, but her new music video has us like...who? The video is set in a sepia toned 1970s american high school, and has a very interesting plot-line, leaving most people confused.

'Bad Liar' the music video directed by Jesse Peretz looks like it could be a Netflix original, and if if we're honest, we would watch the s**t out of it.

While it takes a few watches to fully grasp the concept of the mini-movie, it essentially revolves around a high school student who has been watching a male teacher flirting with a blonde gym coach. A lot of the students give her dirty looks, and until the final scene, it is unclear why. 

When the high school student gets home, it is revealed  that the male teacher is in fact her father. The end shot depicts the student gently stroking a Polaroid of the blonde gym coach, revealing that she is infatuated with the gym teacher, just like her father. The dirty looks are most likely because they are aware of this situation.

As if this wasn't weird enough, Selena plays the student, her father, the gym teacher AND her own mother. Buzzy.