Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell impress EVERYONE with their 'Grace Kelly' challenge

Publish Date
Wednesday, 6 October 2021, 12:48PM

We knew Will Ferrell had some pipes, but Ryan Reynolds does too?!

The 'Grace Kelly' challenge has been trending on Tik Tok for a while now, but the latest stars to have a crack have really shocked us!

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell teamed up to take on Mika's 2007 hit 'Grace Kelly' with Reynolds impressing with his low range, while Ferrell stars with his spine-tingling falsetto. 

The video was posted to Instagram by Reynolds a few weeks ago but has since resurfaced (and for good reason) as fans simply cannot get enough.

The Tik Tok version has now been viewed over 100 million times, with fans even asking for the two to release an album... Steady on!

Check out the video above and sing along too... we know you want to!

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