Rumours are swirling about a Caramilk McFlurry!

Publish Date
Friday, 8 October 2021, 9:36AM

If they get it, so do we! Surely!

Rumours are swirling across the ditch about a Caramilk McFlurry coming to McDonald's after a promotional picture was leaked online. 

Like anything to do with Caramilk, word has spread like wildfire and Aussies are waiting with bated breath.

The above flyer started doing the rounds on social media, claiming that the new Caramilk McFlurry is set to go on sale between Wednesday, October 13 and Tuesday, November 16.

And like we always say, companies use those Aussies to perfect the product before they unveil it at the main event (which is New Zealand of course). 

So please keep your finger's crossed that it's true because we really really really need this in our lives! 

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