Remember Tony from Skins? He's sexily rugged these days

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Sunday, 3 September 2017, 8:50AM
Photo: E4

Photo: E4

Remember Skins? The gritty but genuis British series about a group of teenagers dealing with all the sh*t life throws at them? 

Well it's ten years old this year (which is crazy) and understandably, the then-teen-actors are now grown up. 

Nicholas Hoult, who played Tony, the cocky ladies' man that ended up going off the rails, is in particular looking very different. 

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He's not so baby-faced anymore!

Damn he's good looking AF!


Since leaving the show, Nicholas has gone on to have a pretty successful career. He has starred in three X-Men films as Beast, and previous to Skins he played Marcus in 'About a Boy'.

Also, we personally never connected the dots at the time, but he's Jennifer Lawrence's ex!


The two met on the set of his first X-Men film, but split up in 2014 after four years together.