Red Hot are looking for ginger men to pose for their 2022 nude calendar

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Thursday, 26 August 2021, 4:55PM

So, do you know someone who fits the bill? 

London-based men's brand Red Hot are looking for red-haired men to pose nude for their 2022 calendar. 

We must confess, this really isn't for the faint-hearted.. Think about your recreational fireman calendar on a quadruple dose of steroids. Yeah.

If you know someone based in the UK, the 2022's calendar, which is named the 'Red Hot Motel', promises to be 'the ultimate ginger fantasy', 'a motel where hot ginger guys come and unwind'.


The advert reads: "We are looking for six more ginger guys to join our current lineup for the full-frontal 2022 calendar.

"Step forward the boldest individuals with an awesome personality to match and, of course, naturally iconic red hair."

Explaining a little more about what lies in store for the successful candidates, the website reads: "For the first time ever, we have created multiple full frontal group shots that are not to be missed.

"We've also created a Making Of documentary and short film, guaranteed to transport you to a carefree time and give you a taste of the Red Hot universe.

Anyway, the gist is they are looking for applicants and you (or someone you know) can apply here. 

PSA: All pics are from the 2021 edition on Red Hot Motel, and we're only assuming next years edition will be similar. 

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