Praise Be! Handmaid's Tale has been renewed for season 4

Publish Date
Monday, 29 July 2019, 3:00PM

We haven't even finished season three, but there's more to come...

Handmaids Tale is back for season 4 and we are feeling so so blessed.

The announcement was JUST made, which means that there aren't many details yet...

Firstly; we don't even know who will be in the season.

Because we are yet to be left with an intense and classic cliffhanger, we won't know which characters will still be around for season 4.

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That said, it’s probably safe to assume the major characters are returning until you hear any news otherwise. 

They are yet to announce when the season will air, but it's possible we'll have to wait until 2020...

For now, we just binge and wait- Blessed Be The Fruits!