Pornhub launches sub-site for younger audience

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017, 12:50PM
Photo / Pornhub

Photo / Pornhub

For a number of kids, pornographic websites are becoming the main destination for sex education. With the internet being so easily accessible now, young teens are learning all about their bits and bobs through 'non-traditional' ways such as porn.

Now Pornhub is hoping to offer their audience some more formal lessons in how to be a healthy and happy sexual being. Although they are aware that there are plenty of educational sites online already, they realise they do get a younger audience landing there anyway, so they may as well utilise it.

As a result, Pornhub just launched a free sub-site, which will become a go-to resource for some of their 70 million daily users on all manner of topics, including STIs, sexual safety and how to manage relationships.

Dr. Laurie Betito, a renowned sex therapist and clinical psychologist is directing the site, and they’ll also be working with a number of doctors, therapists and other experts to offer advice and answer questions.

Corey Price, Pornhub’s Vice President, told Mashable, “Our goal is to provide our visitors with a site that has credible and insightful information, rather than have them scouring the internet.”

The sub-site will build up with info over time, but they are starting with the basics like, “Babies. Where do they come from?” and “Are there really three holes?”. These might sound like simple questions, but for a lot of young people the answers aren't as clear.

Although porn can teach us about the basics and mechanics of intercourse, there are other things like biology, health, consent and relating to intimate partners that a porn video can't cover.

You can access the sub-site HERE - *PLEASE NOTE: you must be over 18 to enter this site*