Plant-based Milo just launched in NZ, but is it really vegan?

Publish Date
Wednesday, 24 June 2020, 2:27PM

Something's not right here...

Milo has dropped a new version of its classic drink into stores – and the new offering is stirring people up online.

The classic drink has gone plant-based, which should mean vegans can now enjoy Milo whenever they fancy.

However, some Milo fans have pointed out it's not technically vegan due to the fact it "may contain traces of milk" - a warning Nestle has declared on the tin.

Despite this, the plant-based Milo - which also contains gluten and soy - is described as being "vegan friendly" on the tin.

And it's a fact that's not been missed by a few disappointed vegans online.

"Why would I enjoy something made on the same production line or in the same factory? one vegan wrote on the brand's Facebook page. "Sorry but just because it may taste nice doesn't make it acceptable."

"Label says may contain milk which is not vegan, sorry try again," another said.

"Wait … It says that it may contain milk … How does that make it vegan?" a confused person asked on Instagram.

In response a Nestle spokeswoman told "While Milo Plant Based does not contain dairy based ingredients, we disclose on the can that 'it may contain milk' as it is produced in the same factory as original Milo.

"While processes are undertaken to ensure there is no contact, as a precaution we disclose that the product may contain milk."

But others weren't bothered by the fact the product could contain milk, writing on Facebook it was a "game-changer" and thanking Nestle for the new addition.

"My life has just changed for the better," one person wrote, while another excited shopper tagged their friend and said: "Game changer for you. Now Nesquik need to bring out plant based strawberry aha."

Plant-based eaters can enjoy the new Milo (three heaped teaspoons recommended, but no one's going to judge if you go for more) with cold or warm soy milk.




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