Pizza Hut and KFC have combined to create the Popcorn Chicken Pizza

Publish Date
Wednesday, 5 February 2020, 9:17AM

Popcorn chicken + pizza = love at firstsight.

We may never have known we needed this creation, but two of our favurite foods are combining thanks to Pizza Hut and KFC.

The Gravy Supreme pizza is made up of Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Crust, KFC Gravy Base and KFC Popcorn Chicken...drool.

The King of Cheat Meals himself even confirmed the deliciousness; " I can confirm 💯 that a Pizza Hut pizza with KFC Popcorn Chicken and a KFC gravy base is an excellent idea 🙌 Bring it to NZ 🤤".

While the pizza is currently only available overseas, we really hope we can get it in NZ! (And if not, we'll definitely be making it ourselves at home!) 

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