People have just noticed something really creepy about Andy from Toy Story

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 4:23PM

March 22nd, 1995 was the beautiful day that the first ever Toy Story was released, and it's brought happiness to our lives ever since! Get excited, because the fourth installment of the franchise is coming in 2019!

Having 22 years to dissect the Pixar film, has meant that a LOT of fan theories have come to the surface. One fan theorised that Sid the bully became the garbage man in Toy Story 3 - while another person on Reddit came up with a backstory for Andy's unseen dad.

But this next one is just kinda creepy.

Take note of 47s into this clip, where Andy is hanging out with his mates:

This was one of the few moments we actually saw Andy with his friends, but are they even his friends?! People have noticed that they are all CLONES of Andy himself. 


toy story

Credit: Pixar

toy story 2

Credit: Pixar

toy story 3

Credit: Pixar

Okay so it could have totally been down to laziness and the fact animation in the 90s was pretty limited, but still! WTF.

We can't un-see this.

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