People are using makeup to create 'under-eye circles' in the latest fashion trend

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Monday, 22 November 2021, 10:30AM

Well, we should fit right in!

Apparently the latest fashion trend is to look like you haven't had your all-important eight hours... Must be our time to shine!

The trend has started on you guessed it, TikTok and it shows a variety of products being used to imitate having bags underneath your eyes. 

From lipstick to concealer, the videos show methods on how to give you the perfect 'good lord I need to be back in bed' look.

One of the first influences to try the look was Sara Carstens, who hoped to use her natural circles as an asset. 

"I have them genetically and they were always very intense," the influencer said to TMRW.

"The first makeup product I picked up was concealer. Later I realized that it's nothing to be ashamed of and they can actually look pretty cool, so I decided to embrace them and include them in a few of my makeup looks.

Okay, please feel free to make 'not brushing your hair' the next trend because we're getting pretty tired of that too!

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