Our favourite PJ moments

Publish Date
Monday, 28 August 2023, 4:35PM

PJ is back on the airwaves this week only and it got us thinking of some of our favourite moments... 

Never have we seen a more relatable weather gal ☀️☔☁️

PJ genuinely thought Jase dropped the C-Bomb live on air and she could NOT handle it.

Not PJ forgetting she was on live stream 😲

 Remember when Jase & PJ hugged for 25 hours and it was entertaining for everyone but them? Going to the toilet together was...interesting...

 Aunty PJ explained the birds and the bees to Jase's niece, Charlotte

"let's just say mummy and daddy get as close to each other as possible"

Catch PJ & Friends 3- 7PM this week only! 

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