NZ's best ice cream flavour has been revealed!

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Thursday, 14 November 2019, 12:56PM

Is this really the best ice cream in NZ??

The two best ice cream flavours in the entire country have been crowned - and it's the fifth year in a row for one of them.

At this year's NZ Ice Cream Awards, Zany Zeus' Ghana Chocolate was named the supreme award winner in the boutique manufacturer category.

And beloved Kiwi classic Tip Tip Boysenberry Ripple took out the prize in the best flavour from a large manufacturer category. It's the fifth time the swirling berry number has taken out the top spot.

The competition wasn't without weird and wonderful flavours too: the wackiest ice cream entries included beetroot and ginger, turkey with white chocolate gravy and stuffing, and even a massaman curry.

Judges said that the spicy, sweet Massaman Curry gelato delivered a unique hint to the complex flavours of the popular Thai dish and is a "great example of innovation".

If those flavours are a bit wild for you and you're after something simple, fear not - the competition also found the best vanillas in the country: Talley Group's Oravida Vanilla, and Motueka Creamery's Mt Arthur Snowfall Vanilla.

Fancy trying an award-winning scoop for yourself? From January onwards, keep an eye out for NZ Ice Cream Awards medal stickers on packs in supermarkets and other retail outlets.

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