NZ’s best ice cream revealed!

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Friday, 1 September 2023, 12:01PM

Hold onto your cones sis, coz NZ’s best ice cream has just been revealed! 🍦🏆

Queenstown's very own ice cream virtuoso, Patagonia Chocolates, scooped up New Zealand's most coveted ice cream accolade.

Their Hazelnut Cremino tastes so divine it was crowned the Formula Foods Supreme Champion Boutique at the NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Awards 2023.

The judges were over the moon with this frozen sensation, noting that the hand-roasted, homegrown nuts in the mix provided an authentic flavour explosion that, when combined with expert craftsmanship, left them absolutely speechless.

"Stunning" and "deserving of the Supreme Award," said Chief Judge Jackie Matthews.

The Hazelnut Cremino isn't the only champion!

G'nature Vanilla Ice Cream by Allied Faxi New Zealand Food Co strutted onto the winner's podium, wooing everyone with its uncompromisingly rich flavour.

First-timer Island Gelato Co waltzed in with not one, but two, trophies in hand! Their Sour Cherry & Rich Chocolate received a standing ovation for its exotic symphony of flavours, while Rich Chocolate took the cake in the chocolate lover's paradise category.

With a sprinkle of excitement and a dollop of flavour, the NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Awards 2023 brought forth the cream of the crop, leaving us all craving more icy goodness.

Meanwhile, Tip Top affirmed its position as the country’s favourite ice cream maker taking out five trophies for:

• Tip Top Ice Cream Company, Tip Top Chocolate Trumpet; Davis Food Ingredients Champion Novelty Ice Cream Award

• Tip Top Ice Cream Company, Tip Top Jelly Tip; Pacific Flavours & Ingredients Kids’ Choice Award

• Tip Top Ice Cream Company, Tip Top Frozen Yoghurt; NZ Life & Leisure Champion Low Fat & Frozen Yoghurt

• Tip Top Ice Cream Company, Baklava Bonanza; Invita NZ Champion Open Creative Award

• Tip Top Ice Cream Company, Kāpiti Fig & Manuka Honey; Chelsea Sugar Champion Premium Ice Cream Award

Dessert devotees, keep your eyes peeled for these frozen wonders hitting stores near you.

And mark your calendars for NZ Ice Cream & Gelato Week, a chilly celebration from November 5 to November 12, where we'll raise our spoons to Aotearoa's finest frozen fantasies! More info at

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