New research has found 48% of Gen Z would give up social media for a month in exchange for free flights

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Friday, 3 June 2022, 11:48AM

Being in and out of lockdowns for the past two years has caused more kiwis to book flights spontaneously, and who can blame them?

New research from Jetstar has found that Kiwis are embracing spontaneous travel since the pandemic and tbh we’re not surprised.

In fact, we're so keen to book flights that 67% are willing to give up chocolate or takeaways for an entire month in exchange for free flights to their dream destination.

The most mind-blowing result has to be that 47% would give up caffeine, now that's a tough one!


It's also been found that the number of Kiwis that book flights within a month of travel has more than DOUBLED - research from Jetstar found that 41% of Kiwis are booking flights closer to their travel date than pre-pandemic.* 

The survey comes as Jetstar is ramping up its domestic and trans-Tasman schedule to reach close to pre-covid levels by July. 

The most popular destination for Jetstar customers is Queenstown (surprise, surprise) however, more than half (53%) of New Zealanders say they make decisions about the destination of their trip based on the price of flights... I mean who doesn't! 

Leading clinical psychologist, Jacqui Maguire said, “After more than two years of living through a pandemic, there is a real sense that people are ready to resume living - driving them to embrace spontaneity, seek adventure and new experiences, and travel with little notice."

She continued, “Booking closer to the date of departure also gives us more clarity over available funds and how much we can afford to spend on travel.” 

*A sample of 1,000 New Zealanders was surveyed by research agency Pureprofile in May 2022. 

Better re-new those passports and put those leave requests in asap! 

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