Netflix codes and hacks that will totally add to your chill

Publish Date
Friday, 3 March 2017, 1:31PM

Netflix and chill is arguably one of the easiest and mind-numbing things to do, but there's some hacks and tricks to make it even EASIER! 

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Arts.Mic has compiled a bunch of hacks, and these are our favourites!!

Are you still watching? YES I AM. 

This nasty reminder of how long you've been bingeing for can actually be a thing of the past, with the Chrome extension Flix Assist.

Buffering being a b*itch?

Using the keyboard shortcut Shift+Control+Option+S while your video is playing opens up a secret menu, giving you access to your bit rate. From there, you can select a speed which will allow you to watch your title uninterrupted!

Should I invest my precious time in this show?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell by the Netflix rating alone, but with the Chrome extension NEhancer you have instant access to Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and IMDB scores, all by simply hovering over the movie or series you're interested in seeing. 


Aaaaaaand keyboard shortcuts. You're welcome.

F: enter fullscreen mode
Esc: exit fullscreen mode
PgDn: pause 
PgUp: play
Spacebar: pause and play
Shift + Right Arrow: fast-forward
Shift + Left Arrow: rewind
M: mute