Netflix announces 'choose your own adventure' interactive TV

Publish Date
Thursday, 22 June 2017, 8:04AM

Everyone keep calm, because Netflix just announced a feature that could change the future.

Remember those choose your own adventure books? And you know how there's that cool type of book that you can watch instead of read (TV)? HOW HAVE WE NOT COMBINED THESE?

Okay, so there's plenty of awesome video games with this feature, and technology has advanced so much so that these games are pretty much playable movies. PS3's Beyond: Two Souls for example, but how about the folks who aren't so much into game-play and more about that juicy plotline?

Although the interactive TV feature is only available on limited kids projects currently, there's no doubt this feature could be an option for mature programs. Can you imagine the likes of a choose your own adventure Orange Is The New Black? How cool would that be?!

C'mon Netflix, kids get all the good stuff. Consider this as a test run for interactive Adult drama TV.