"Murder House Flip" is a new true-crime renovation show

Publish Date
Tuesday, 10 September 2019, 11:26AM

If you're like us, the thought of buying a 'murder house' isn't exactly appealing...

But this new TV show is set to change our minds.

Deadline reports a new renovation show, called Murder House Flip, will follow a group of forensic experts, reno know-it-alls, and spiritual healers, to renovate and resell notorious murder homes across the United States.

"Murder House Flip combines home renovations with the intriguing elements of a true-crime series,” said series creator Josh Berman.

They also hope the renovations will help the families involved in the history of the house, saying the aim is to; “bring healing and solace to families living in the aftermath of tragic events by transforming dark places into healthy spaces". 

We're not sure how they will actually be able to sell the houses, but we're intrigued to hear the stories behind the houses!

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