Meet your Survivor NZ competitors!

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Thursday, 27 April 2017, 9:20AM

Survivor New Zealand starts in just over a week on TVNZ 2, so who are the competitors and how do they measure up?

The NZ Herald have taken a look at the 16-strong cast of competing for the $100,000 prize:


Survivor New Zealand contestant Sala says honesty is a big deal to him. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Youth worker, 40, from Christchurch
Key attributes: "I am strong. I am a big encourager and motivator. I also listen to people's ideas and will bring people together to get stuff done."
Why he's a threat: "I work hard and take initiative but can follow instructions well and am teachable," he says.
What makes him mad: "Betrayal and lies."


Survivor New Zealand contestant Sala says selfish people make him mad. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Business analyst, 27, from Tauranga
Key attributes: "I feel that I've got all the skills the winner of Survivor needs: physical, social, stamina, and mental strength."
Why he's a threat: "I'm strategic, like big challenges, and like being pushed to my limit."
What makes him mad: Selfish people.


Dee says she'll turn on anyone who tries to eliminate her from Survivor New Zealand. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Customer service rep, 29, from Auckland
Key attributes: "I am a huge fan and have been watching since 2000."
Why she's a threat: "I know Doritos work great as firestarter and that it is possible to steal a fish from a seagull."
What makes her mad: "If someone attempted to vote me out."


Barb says she doesn't want to embarrass her kids by being first to go home.

Photo / Scott McAulay

Who: Auckland mother, 53.
Key attributes: "I'm trustworthy, tenacious, practical, fun, calm under pressure, a self-starter and very good at reading people and situations."
Why she's a threat: "I have a lot of common sense and have lived a normal Kiwi outdoor life."
What makes her mad: "I don't want to be the worst in the tribe and embarrass my kids by being the first to go home.


Police officer Nate says he's been in training to compete on Survivor New Zealand. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Senior police sergeant, 45, from Dannevirke
Key attributes: I am strong emotionally, and still reasonably strong physically. I am very strong mentally."
Why he's a threat: "I worked on some core strength and fitness training, and studied personality traits and neuro-linguistic programming."
What makes him mad: "If you cross me or lie to me - it will be extremely hard for me to respect you again."


Avi says he's done little to prepare for Survivor - but he's still a threat. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Youth expedition leader, 32, from Wellington
Key attributes: Adaptable, enthusiastic, reckless.
Why he's a threat: "I am very well-prepared to go into a group situation as a listener, leader, and facilitator."
What makes him mad: "I'm not great with snoring. Also repetition, as in conversation."


Shannon, a zookeeper, says she can survive with very little food. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Zookeeper, 24, from Christchurch
Key attributes: "I'm physically strong, trustworthy and someone who doesn't require food to survive."
Why she's a threat: I'm a good strategist, I'll be strong in challenges and I'm a walking encyclopedia.
What makes her mad: "If I felt that (someone was) going to turn on me, or if they were becoming too big of a threat."


Lou says she loves working with others and is a great team mate. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Farmer, 19, from North Canterbury
Key attributes: "I'm a bubbly, friendly person who would give the shirt off my back if anyone needed it."
Why she's a threat: "I'm very adventurous and outgoing. Nothing will ever stop me."
What makes her mad: "People clicking their bones, thinking they're right when they're wrong, not being loyal, lying."


Lee says he'd buy his mother a new house if he won Survivor's $100,000 prize. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Canyoning guide, 29, from Motueka
Key attributes: Laid back, inquisitive, adventurous.
Why he's a threat: He's so chill he could fly under the radar. His only gameplan is to "ride it like a wave, man".


Shay says she's super-fit and ready to take on Survivor's toughest challenges. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Business support co-ordinator, 27, from Hamilton.
Key attributes: "I'm always willing to work hard to achieve the end goal and have a lot laughs and fun along the way."
Why she's a threat: I've been doing boot camp four days a week to get fit. I also asked my father-in-law to teach me how to start a fire."
What makes her mad: "Whiny people and buzzkillers. There's nothing worse than when you're having a good time and someone kills your buzz."


Izzy, an oil rig steward, says she can handle the heavy lifting. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Oil rig steward, 30, from Auckland
Key attributes: "I can rise to a challenge and be quite competitive. I'm inventive and can think creatively on the spot."
Why she's a threat: "I've travelled the world alone and have been in situations where I didn't know where I was going to sleep for the night."
What makes her mad: "I don't mind the dirt, spiders or not having comforts, but if people are fake, I find it hard to warm to them."


Jack says he'll be offering comic relief around the Survivor camp. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Banking consultant, 22, from Lower Hutt
Key attributes: "I'm all about teamwork, getting the job done and chipping in until I get tired."
Why he's a threat: "I'll try to let other people make the big decisions so I don't get pinned for the big moves, but I will try to do enough so that if I do make it to the end I have a realistic shot at winning."
What makes him mad: "People who hate Kanye West just because he is Kanye West."


Tom, a surfer, says he's ready to rough it.


Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Teacher, 26, from Tauranga
Key attributes: Happy, inquisitive, competitive.
Why he's a threat: "I'm lucky to have been able to travel to a lot of remote areas for surfing and camping."


Georgia says she's been getting in shape to compete on Survivor. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Singer-dancer, 26, from Palmerston North
Key attributes: "I want to play the game as it comes, forming strong alliances, and give it everything I have."
Why she's a threat: "I trained, went to boot camps, ran, exercised and ate less to shrink my stomach to prepare for the worst."
What makes her mad: "Laziness, superficial, and untrustworthy people."


Hannah says if you want to make her mad, bodyshaming will do it. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Kindergarten Teacher, 27, from Whangarei
Key attributes: "A very alternative, kickass, powerlifting, sassy pinup gal with pink hair."
Why she's a threat: "I live by a motto of 'fit, healthy and strong at any size'. Beauty and strength comes in all shapes and sizes. I want to prove to people you are not defined by a number."
What makes her mad: "Not much gets me riled up, but body shaming and judging someone based on what someone has said or on appearance."


Tony, a former soldier, says his survival training will help him win Survivor New Zealand. Photo/Scott McAulay

Photo/Scott McAulay

Who: Former soldier, 55, from Gisborne
Key attributes: "I'm a former Infantry soldier and instructor who has spent many years in the outdoors, including a few years up in the tropics."
Why he's a threat: "I trained in the jungles of Malaysia/Brunei and Papua New Guinea and completed the Combat Survival Course in Malaysia."
What makes him mad: Blatant back-stabbing

What: Survivor New Zealand
Where and when: Airing every Sunday and Monday night from May 7, TVNZ 2

This article originally appeared in the NZ Herald and was republished here with permission.