McDonald's worker reveals they 'can hear everything' when working the Drive-Thru

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Thursday, 21 October 2021, 3:30PM

Drive-Thru users you have been warned!

A Kiwi Macca's worker has revealed on TikTok that the power of the Drive-Thru headset allows them to hear every conversation - including the recaps of your dodgy nights out!

A clip of the hamburger-slinging Samaritan’s behind-the-scenes peek boasted 322,000 likes since it was uploaded on TikTok last week.

The first of the three wild Macca's facts said that workers could "hear everything you are saying, even when our mic is off". 

Read into this what you will, but perhaps save the important goss for when you're home, rather than when you're grabbing your food!

The second little known "fact" according to the worker is that "cameras take mugshot photos of you, so we know which order is yours". 

Safe to say that when using the drive-thru we are often not ready for face to face interaction, hence the car - so if your crush is working, maybe dress the part!

Thirdly, apparently, you can purchase a recipe book? We'll need to find further info on this one, but if it's true then put us down for 10 copies!

Listen to Bree & Clint below - who manged to track down a Macca's worker to see how much of the video is actually true!

Want more? Here's a bit we love from Bree & Clint – unleashed every weekday arvo from 3PM. They're always up to something! 

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