McDonald's NZ has just launched Frozen Coke No Sugar!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 22 July 2020, 12:59PM

This really does change everything!

McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have announced today the launch of  Frozen Coke No Sugar to Kiwis!

So if you love a Fro Co, but not the sugar, now's your chance!

Available for the first time in New Zealand, Frozen Coke No Sugar is projected to remove more than 30 tonnes sugar reduction from the McDonald’s menu each year.

The move is part of a combined effort from Maccas and Coca-Cola to create healthier menu items, without sacrificing Kiwi's favourite items flavour.

From today, Macca’s will be the first to offer the delicious taste of Frozen Coke No Sugar to Kiwis.

The frozen beverage will be exclusively available at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

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