McDonald's McVeggie burger launches TODAY!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 12:35PM

Calling all vegetarians and non-meat eaters- Macca's is coming through!

McDonald's New Zealand has today launched its brand new McVeggie burger to customers across New Zealand!

The burger, which Macca's admits is more suited to Flexitarians due to the cooking process, is Maccas answer to recent polls that show more than half a million Kiwis are choosing to eat less meat.

The plant-based burger comes with a vegetable patty which is crumb coated and made up of a mixed vegetables including potato, peas, corn, carrot and onion.

The patty also contains cheese, herbs and spices, and the burger is finished off with whole-leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, tasty cheese and topped off with a creamy garlic aioli in a chilli chive bun.

While the vegetable patty is vegetarian, McDonald's admits it is fried using the same equipment as the McChicken patty, meaning the veggie patty may not be suitable for all vegetarians.

The burger costs around $8.20 on its own or $12 for a medium combo, available from today!

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