Marmite Hummus exists and we're kinda keen to try it!

Publish Date
Monday, 14 September 2020, 1:58PM

Who knew that two of our favourite things could combine??

We looooooove a hummus dip, and now LISA's has collabed with one of NZ's biggest brands to make a dip that could be our go-to this summer!

The quintessentially Kiwi mix combines the adored flavour of LISA’s Original hummus with the unmistakable taste of Marmite; the result is a deliciously unique dip for all your dip needs.

They suggest you chuck it on anything from crackers, pretzels, bagels, to veggies, toast, and chip sammies!

And just like LISA’S other products, LISA’s Marmite Hummus still has the same high-quality ingredients - chickpea, garlic, tahini and a squeeze of lemon juice - plus the added bonus of Marmite-y goodness.

BRB on our way to try it...

LISA's Marmite Hummus can be found at supermarkets, now!