Macca's say 'jogg on' to plastic straws

Publish Date
Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 9:32AM

Macca's is finally contributing to the effort of reducing plastic waste, announcing that they would no longer include straws with their drinks, UNLESS requested. 

The nationwide policy will kick off today throughout the 167 restaurants across the country, as well as rolling out their fibre-based straws in the coming months.

The call to stop selling and producing plastic straws has never been prevalent as videos like this surface. 

McDonald's acknowledged that it has a responsibility to help look after the environment and has plans in the future to reduce further.  

"With our scale, McDonald's has a responsibility to look after the environment, and although the straw itself is just one type of packaging we need to consider, it’s a great start and something our customers told us they wanted to support," said McDonald’s New Zealand Managing Director, David Howse. 

Way to go Macca's!