Maccas just launched an Apple Pie McFlurry!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 25 November 2020, 3:56PM

Prepare yourself and your wallet- cause we're about to spend all your cash...

Macca's have come through and announced they're launching an Apple Pie McFlurry!

For a limited time, the delicious fruity, pastry ice cream treat will be available on UberEats and in stores- so you better get in quick!

You can get the Apple Pie McFlurry on McDelivery® now via Uber Eats and from next week it will be available in participating restaurants nationwide.

Don’t wait until December 2nd, be among the first to taste this delicious Apple Pie McFlurry - a combination of creamy Macca’s® soft serve with crispy pieces of apple pie and gooey caramel sauce by ordering one from Macca’s via Uber Eats NOW!

Brb getting Maccas...