Lockdown memes have popped up on billboards in Auckland to give us a well-deserved laugh

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Tuesday, 7 September 2021, 2:11PM

If you're in Auckland right now, you definitely could do with a LOL, an LMAO or even a ROFL..

Luckily for us, "NZ Lockdown Memes" has popped up on major billboards around the city to give us all a glimmer of hope. 

For many of us, @nzlockdownmemes has been a much-needed distraction and a method to get through the madness that is lockdown, and thanks to advertising company Lumo, even those that aren't on social media can experience the joy. 

Ben Evans, AKA the brains behind NZ Lockdown Memes told The Herald that he was stoked to see his creations on the big screen.

"It's cool to see them on the big screen and [I'm] flattered that they asked," Evans said, adding that it also feels "a little bit strange" to see memes, which are by their nature internet-only, out in the "offline" world.

And as you can imagine, the public really are getting behind the new use of the billboard. One person took to Twitter to say "This is the only pure use of billboards" and we kinda agree! 

Evans started the meme haven that is @nzlockdownmemes in Aotearoa's last big lockdown in March 2020, and has now amassed over 95,000 followers. 

We have been lead to believe that these memes will be on Auckland billboards for the rest of the week, so have you managed to see any yet?


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