List of NZ's top 2016 advertised jobs reveals occupations we need to fill

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016, 12:47PM
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Photo / Getty Images

It looks like NZ needs more ICT workers (and we're not surprised!)

Information and Communications Technology was New Zealand's highest advertised industry of the year, according to employment website Seek. The average advertised salary for ICT industry was $91,609.

Social workers, police & corrections officers and early childhood teachers, followed closely after as the highest advertised jobs of 2016.

Despite New Zealand's need to stay digitally connected and develop new technology, Seek New Zealand general manager Janet Faulding said there was still a strong demand for frontline service roles.

Social workers

Demand for social workers across the country increased more than 74 per cent on the previous year.

The average advertised salary in this profession was $51,961.

Faulding said it was no surprise social workers was a most sought after job.

Police and correction officers

Job ads for police and correction roles increased more than 163 per cent year on year, with an average advertised salary of $64,872.

"Police & corrections officers are vital roles within our community, which has been reflected through strong job ad growth and demand," Faulding said.

"It will be interesting to watch if the growth we've seen in this industry is enough to support our communities for the next 12 months, or if they'll be looking to hire more people."

Early childhood teachers 

Advertised jobs for early childhood teachers increased nationwide by more than 76 per cent, with an average salary of $58,711.

"Early childhood teachers are essential for educating our youth during their formative years. We predict there will be on-going strong job ad growth on SEEK for these professionals as our nation continues to grow and we see more guardians returning to work and requiring care for their children during working hours."

Top jobs of 2016:

Average advertised salary: $91,609

Social workers
Average advertised salary: $51,961

Police and correction officers
Average advertised salary: $64,872

Early childhood teacher
Average advertised salary: $58,711