Lime Scooters have been temporarily cancelled

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Friday, 22 February 2019, 6:19PM

Enjoy a final skrrt skrrt Jafas because Auckland Council bosses have suspended Lime scooters' license temporarily.

As you may have heard, Lime had reported 155 breakages related to wheel locking, throwing riders straight off their scoot.

"It has not been an easy decision... but our focus has been on the assurance of safety," said Council chief operating officer Dean Kimpton.

"We are not prepared to trade in that safety dimension."

Lime has said that they will implement firmware to address the wheel locking issue.

A report is due in by Monday, then Auckland Council will make a further decision on the temporary suspension.

Auckland Transport chief executive Shane Ellison said the most important thing is that they get the reassurance and comfort that the scooters will be safe.

The firmware update was deployed 48 hours ago, and there has already been a reduction in the number of wheel lockages, Kimpton said.

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