'Life Size 2' with Tyra Banks is finally on it's way!

Publish Date
Friday, 21 April 2017, 8:49AM

Get ready to relive some Disney nostalgia because a Life Size sequel starring Tyra Banks is in the works! 

Just in case you need a recap, Life Size revolves around a young girl, played by Lindsay Lohan, who brought her doll Eve, played by Tyra Banks, to life using a magic spell meant to bring her mum back from the dead. It sounded totally legit when we were kids.

The movie that became a classic in 2000 has been confirmed for a sequel as a Christmas Movie in December 2018. The story will revolve around Eve navigating the adult world managing work, social, and love life...we're guessing at Christmas time? Disney are yet to release any more information, including if Lindsay Lohan will be starring in the sequel.   


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