Lewis Road Creamery Introduces Ice Cream Range

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Thursday, 11 February 2016, 10:07AM
Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

The world went crazy for the chocolate milk last year and now Lewis Road Creamery have announced a new treat hitting freezers this Friday: Ice cream.

Three of the four flavours are traditional Kiwi favourites, hokey pokey, vanilla and chocolate, while the fourth is an artisan rose ice cream, developed in consultation with Dollop Kitchen's Julia Crownshaw.

The brand has previously made headlines with their controversial "reindeer" and "breast milk" and created in store madness with the limited availability of their chocolate milk. 

Where to get it
• Lewis Road Creamery Ice Cream's chocolate, hokey pokey, and vanilla hit the shelves at all leading supermarkets nationwide from Friday.
$11.99 for 750ml.

• Lewis Road Creamery's Artisan Rose ice cream will be available from select premium supermarkets and boutique, speciality food stores.
$14.99 for 470ml.


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