Lamington flavoured chips now exist for whatever reason

Publish Date
Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 11:41AM

An iconic dessert is becoming a chip and honestly, we're confused.

Australian snack food company Smith's is making a lamington-flavoured chip - and the news has not received a positive reaction.

"We know Australians are increasingly keen to try new flavours, and interest is growing in sweet and savoury combinations," Olivia Sutherland, Smith's marketing director, said.

"Our latest innovation combines a sweet, quintessentially Aussie cake with Australia's favourite potato chip. It seemed the perfect way to celebrate the Australian summer."

They also explained that different recipes were tasted for the perfect flavouring.

"In our Lamington chip, you will find hints of flavours including chocolate, coconut, cream and butter!"

But will they taste any good?

We'll have to wait until January 1st when they are expected to hit Australian supermarkets. It's not yet clear if they will come to NZ.

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