Kinder 'Happy Hippos' are now available in New Zealand for the first time!

Publish Date
Friday, 9 July 2021, 12:56PM

If you love a Bueno, you'll looooooove a Hippo.

Kiwi's are in for a delicious surprise when they next hit the supermarkets, as Kinder Happy Hippos have finally landed in stores nationwide. 

They've been dubbed one of Kinder's most popular products worldwide, and now we all get to experience the biscuit-chocolate-wafer combo! In two flavours we might add, Hazelnut and Cocoa! The delicious and cute hippo shaped chocolate biscuit is made up of a crispy wafer shell with a smooth creamy filling dipped in crunchy sprinkles.

According to Kinder, these chocolate morsels are best described as "delivers the signature Kinder taste and quality ingredients in delicious, crispy biscuit form..."

Happy Hippo will be available to Kiwis in Cocoa and Hazelnut varieties from leading supermarkets and dairies at $1.00 for a single pack, and $4.50 for a 5-pack multipack.

And as the saying goes... Treat yo'self! 




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