KFC Has A Fine-Dining Pop-Up Restaurant In NZ And OMG It Slaps

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Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 9:57PM

I never thought I'd hear "KFC" and "fine dining" in the same sentence but here we are...

Usually, I'm getting a visit from the Colonel in a dressing gown with makeup on from the night before after a 2-day bender... but NOT this time.

All other fancy-pants restaurants can take the back seat for now because KFC has entered the fine-dining chat.

Kiwi Chef Hercules Noble (suuurely you've seen him on TikTok) has debuted his first late-night restaurant on Ponsonby Road called Mr. Sanders, changing the game with his innovative takes on all your beloved KFC fan-favourites.

From Hot & Crispy Boneless with kūmara velouté, through to a chocolate mousse topped with crispy chicken skin; the five-course tasting menu has been a smash with reservations already fully SOLD OUT.

Not sure how I managed to get an invite to try out the menu, because all I do every day is sit here and write articles about where 2000s Disney Channel stars are now, but holy wow I'm SO glad I did.

The attention to detail was immaculate, including dim red lighting, lil KFC logo in the foam of your cocktail, and an intimate setting worthy of any Insty dump. And ngl I'm still dreaming about that sourdough drenched in zinger butter... 

Did you manage to nab some ticcys to try it for yourself? If not... peep the menu below. And YES, Mr. Noble does know the Colonel's secret herbs and spices.

Hors d’oeuvre:

Secret Recipe Sourdough: When two icons come together. A harmonious fusion of Herc’s iconic ‘Will it Sourdough’ bread and the Colonel’s 11 Herbs & Spices, served with zinger butter.



Popcorn Chicken Caesar Salad: A twist on the classic Caesar salad. KFC’s Popcorn Chicken with  hummus, topped with avocado mousse and Caesar dressing, and finished with a soy-cured egg yolk and crostini.


Main Course 1

Potato & Gravy Ravioli: Double-sided fresh pasta ravioli filled with potato and spinach, complemented by a KFC gravy-inspired jus, and topped with Hot & Crispy Boneless chicken.

Main Course 2:

KFC’s Hot & Crispy Boneless with kūmara velouté: Hot & Crispy Boneless chicken pieces with pickle sour cream, kūmara velouté kawakawa and herb oil.


KFC-inspired Chocolate Mousse: Chocolate Mousse topped with crispy chicken skin and popcorn, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Patrons reserved their spot for $99, or $129 with a wine pairing, with all proceeds going to KFC’s charity partner, Surf Life Saving NZ.

Date night leveled up and all for a good cause? So finger lickin' good that you don't even need a moist towelette.


We love having KFC as proud show sponsors of ZM's Bree & Clint, driving you home weekdays from 3pm! Tune in or catch up with their poddy below.

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