It looks like this absolute hottie could be joining season 2 of Riverdale as Betty's BROTHER!?

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017, 3:32PM
Photo: The CW

Photo: The CW

The crew have started filming season 2 of Riverdale and even though it isn't going to air until October 2017 we are already FIZZING for the drama the second season will unleash.

The latest exciting rumour coming from the set was teased by Mama Cooper (played by Madchen Amick), who revealed a new "looming threat" is set to be unleashed: "I know a lot of really good paths that we’re all gonna take, and it’s exciting," she told Collider.

"I’m impressed that the writers come up with these trajectories for the characters and families, and how they intertwine. From what I’ve heard about Season 2, it just sounds like it’s gonna be an even better season than the first one." 

"There’s a new looming threat that’s gonna be showing up in Riverdale for Season 2 that I think you’re gonna really enjoy.”

This looming threat is rumoured to be Pretty Little Liar's Tyler Blackburn who is reported to be playing Alice Cooper's son, Chic Cooper.


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Isn't he gorgeous?!

Season 2 couldn't come soon enough!!