Is new music coming from Lorde???

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Wednesday, 20 December 2023, 7:57AM

The 'Green Light' hitmaker teased fans by posting a picture of her with headphones on listening to her own music. 💛

I shat my pants when I saw her post cos it felt like a hint to new music dropping soon!! 🥵


However, Lorde insists that's not the case and that she is "building stamina for this chapter".

Commenting on a post on a fan page called Lorde Content on Instagram, she clarified:

“We’re not CLOSE, close you guys... i’m just getting so hype n needed to let u know... start ur excitement on a low flame and bring it up to a gentle simmer (...) we building stamina for this chapter. (sic)"

Lorde's last studio effort was 2021's hit song 'Solar Power'. ☀️

However, in September, Lorde revealed she was working on new music whilst living in London.

The pop star revealed in an email newsletter to fans that she has been living in the British capital since May. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

“Things feel clear here. I haven’t seen many friends; mostly, I’m alone with my thoughts. I go swimming, I go to work, I walk home or take the train, I eat in my kitchen, I go to bed thinking about what I’m making. I’m starting to miss my friends and family, like a vitamin I’m deficient in.”

One of Lorde's latest updates reflected on her year, saying:

"I know I’m gonna look back on this year with fondness and a bit of awe, knowing it was the year that locked everything into place, the year that transitioned me from my childhood working decade to the one that comes next — one that even through all this, I’m so excited for. It’s just hard when you’re in it." 🎉

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