Is Billie's hair an Easter Egg for a New Album?!

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Thursday, 22 February 2024, 4:12PM

Billie showed the world her new brunette hair at this year's People's Choice Awards and whilst everyone's busy thinking how amazing she looks - we reckon there's more behind the hair then just a new look...

Billie has confirmed in interviews that a third album is on its way, but the question is WHEN?

Taylor Swift is known for leaving Easter Eggs for her fans to find through her music videos, song lyrics, Instagram captions, clothing and jewellery, and we think Billie is probably definitely doing the same thing with her hair.

Looking back at Billie's previous album announcements they have all come after a change in her hair colour. 

Before Billie's first album was released, she rocked various shades of blue hair. Her hair was teal for a hot minute until it became electric blue for the release of her 2018 single "when the party's over". 

Billie then dyed her hair jet-black right in time for the release of her 2019 album "When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?"

This might just be a coincidence... but it happened AGAIN.

In March 2021, Billie entered her blonde hair era, which was a massive change from the bright coloured hair we were used to seeing. A month later she posted to Instagram with the caption "things are comingggg". Then A WEEK LATER she posted about her new album "Happier Than Ever."

Fast track to now, Billie has been serving with the red roots, but showed off her new brunette hair at this years People's Choice Awards.

If history repeats itself, then this album could be coming a lot sooner than expected! 🤞

Another clue from Billie was she posted an Instagram thread which included a random photo of her electric blue "when the party's over" hair from 2018. Now that's an Easter Egg!!

Billie's hair also matches the vibe of her music and era she is in at the time. Her jet-black hair matched the dark vibe that "When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?" had. When Billie made the change to blonde for "Happier Than Ever" it was a hugeee contrast to her iconic green hair. Billie said, "With the blonde hair came a new sense of freedom." - this was because without the iconic hair, she wasn't as instantly recognisable to the public. Her album "Happier Than Ever" includes songs and lyrics which highlight the struggles young women face in the entertainment industry, so perhaps the blonde was symbolising her trying to hide from the spotlight.

How will Billie's brunette hair relate to her third album? I guess we will find out soon😉Bree and Clint, unleashed every arvo on ZM - and now on Sunday mornings!


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