If You Have Any Of These Beanie Babies, You're RICH!

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016, 11:27AM
Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Who had Beanie Babies growing up? 

Well, now you could be making some serious $$$ from them so get them out of the cupboard right now!

Here are some of the Beanie Babies that are totally paying for your next overseas holiday!

Take a look at this list...

Princes Diana Purple Bear

This beauty could be worth over a massive $75,000!

Curly Bear Original Beanie Baby

This original Beanie Baby could give you an extra $24,500!

Valentino Beanie Bear

It may be plain white with a little red heart but it can be sold for $19,000!

Peace Bear

Believe it or not, but this baby can be worth up to $5,000.

Millennium Mint Bear

If you’ve had this one hidden away since 2000, you could be rolling in $5,000!

Pumpkin Beanie Baby

The Halloween special was accidentally printed the wrong way up, so the mistake is super is rare… because of the error this design is worth $38,000!

There you go. Now find those Beanie Babies right now before your siblings get to them! 


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