If you are a loud sneezer then you may have this very sexual trait

Publish Date
Sunday, 25 June 2017, 8:21PM

The next time you hear a solid loud sneeze come from the desk behind, don't always assume they're sick or have allergies, because science has managed to find something sexual about a good ole nose release.

Like this is a totally fine topic to talk about, its science and science has merely pointed out the observable fact that massive sneezes can equate to some fine orgasms. 

Based on an experiment conducted by the Taste research foundation, they were able to conclude that "when we think about sneezing, it’s almost orgasmic in its quality. By giving in to it, you’re experiencing the positive pleasures of a nasal orgasm. So if someone is more sexually repressed, they may withhold it. But if they’re hedonistically-oriented and like pleasure, they may sneeze loudly and strongly."

We would totally suggest covering your mouth of course when engaging in a very satisfying sneeze, just beware, we may be judging you.