How to turn your normal board games into drinking games!

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Friday, 14 August 2020, 4:59PM

Whether you're in lock down, or just looking for a way to spice up your weekend, these games will be guaranteed fun!

Got a jenga set lying around? Or you're sick of playing the same old Monopoly, we've got the rules so you can play your fave games in a new way...

*Always drink responsibly!!!!*


So basically the worst part of Monopoly are those spots that mean NOTHING. "Just Visiting" and "Free Parking" just suck. So let's spice it up...

Drink When:

  • You land on Chance or Community Chest 
  • You land on a utility 
  • You land on Free Parking or Just Visiting 
  • You pay Luxury or Income Tax 
  • You land on an unowned property and do not purchase it



Scrabble is a blast if you're the kind of person who loves to indulge their inner English snob, but for the rest of us... not so much. Change up the game with a beverage- here's how it works. 
If a player lays down a word that is one part of speech (noun, verb, preposition, adjective, pronoun, preposition, conjunction, interject), the next player must throw down a word that is a different part of speech, or they drink.


  • if you play a word that is the same part of speech as the last word played
  • if you add "s" to the end of word that was already played
  • if you use the word "adz" or "qi" because you know you only learned them for Scrabble



This one is super fun, because you can reallllly customise it for who you're playing with.

Take a set of Jenga, and write a different task on each block.


- ladies drink
- take a shot
- finish your drink

Game of Life

This one is basically never have I ever- in real life! When you land on a space that describes something you haven't yet done in your own life- like buy a house- you drink.

WARNING- this might lead to more drinking after the game when you realise how little you've accomplished in life...


  • When you land on a space that describes something you have never done in real life.
  • Rebuttal is allowed- justify not winning a Nobel Prize, with that spelling bee you won 10 years ago.



A classic, but one that EVERYONE can enjoy! Just grab a pack and get ready to drink! (Responsibly)


  • A “Skip” card means the person on your left drinks
  • “Draw two” means you drink twice. “Reverse” means the person on your right drinks.
  • “Wild” starts a waterfall, which means the person on your left can’t stop drinking until you do and so on around the circle.
  • “Wild Draw Four” means you drink four sips.


Good luck! (And always drink responsibly)!!

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